How to password protect your uploaded files?

Need to share files that are somewhat sensitive?
FilePost has your back!

This article will show you how you can use FilePost to securely share files on the internet.

FilePost is fairly secure in its basic form. It generates non-guessable download URLs by default.

If this is not enough for your use case and you need an additional layer or protection, FilePost also allows you to password protect your uploads. You can share the password that you set out of band via email, snail-mail or 🙈 post-its.

Note: You need to be subscribed to at least the Pro tier at FilePost for this to work.

Watch the following video for a quick breakdown:

Essentially the steps are:

  1. Upload files as normal
  2. Click on the lock icon to enter security settings
  3. Choose a password
  4. Click on generate link
  5. Share link and password 🔑.

💪 That's it!